Pascal Laliberté Custom WordPress Component Developer for web agencies

The right WordPress developer to help you build that one page component that will make your design attract future clients.

You’ve got to a point where your exciting client is enthusiastic with your website design concept. That design is going to make some waves when it ships and it’ll help attract some new clients for your business later on.

There’s one problem though: part of the design includes a complicated page component that’s going to require consideration and attention to detail to make it work just right. Maybe it’s a map or a list that needs to handle lots of data and update on the fly, or maybe it’s a part of the page that’s animated.

Visualize what winning that design will do to your profits, your connections, and the sharpness of your story.

Imagine the impact of attracting those future clients

Visualize winning that design


Last Year
Bar chart: Last year's profits
This Year
Bar chart: This year's profits will be slightly higher from winning that design
Next Year
Bar chart: Next year's profit will be even higher from winning that design

Connections and Referrals

Last Year
Circle illustrating the number of connections and referrals from last year
This Year
Bigger circle: From winning that design, this year you'll obtain more connections and referrals
Next Year
Bigger circle: From winning that design, next year you'll obtain even more connections and referrals

Sharpness of Your Story

Last Year
Fuzzy circle describing the sharpness of your story as of last year
This Year
Sharper circle: This year your story will be sharper from winning that design
Next Year
Sharper circle: Next year your story will be much sharper from winning that design

You really want that design to go through and you need to hand that specific part to someone you can trust.

Someone who will:

Sweating details like:

With Components Like These...

  • A stylized Map with custom locations and categories
  • A to-the-minute Schedule that helps the user know where to go next
  • A fast Filtered list that updates without the whole page reloading
  • A custom Audio player for a podcast, or for some sample tunes
  • An interactive Infographic that feeds from live data
  • A hand-styled Form that pre-fills based on interactions on the page
  • A section of the page with nice Animations that start when you scroll to it

Not an app, just a page component

This page component will help serve the purpose of the website, help its visitors accomplish a task, make a decision. The component should get out of the way, make a nice impression, help visitors do their thing, and help the business. It’s not the whole app, just a really important page component on a WordPress site.

Focus on the design, and I’ll make it sing

My name is Pascal Laliberté, and I’ve been at the intersection of interaction design and web development my whole career. I’ve built WordPress sites and static sites and I can help you win that design for that client by building you that tricky, important page component. I’ll help you riff on the design at the beginning, shape it so it handles the important edge cases in the middle of the project, and dress it up so it’s ready for the big release.

Past Projects

  1. I helped A tourism website 🗺 By building
    • An interactive map showing accomodations, restaurants, places to visit
    • Mini-maps on blog posts detailing the venues
  2. I helped A radio website 🎧 By building
    • An interactive program that detects the timezone and shows what's currently playing
    • A custom audio player
    • A radio station finder
  3. I helped An architectural firm website 🏙 By building
    • A staff directory with search and fast paging
    • A list of projects with filters
    • A list of locations with maps
    • A contact form filled via staff directory
  4. I helped An app website 📱 By building
    • A slide-style UI with animations between slide transitions
  5. I helped A condo high-rise website 🏢 By building
    • A list of units filtered by price, features and level

Testimonial from a client

Working with Pascal is a breeze, he is self-motivated and asks all the right (and hard) questions. Pascal is the Ninja on our team who we know will accomplish a complicated task in the most effective way and looks at every angle during the process. He allows us to focus on the big picture while he is working on the complex bits. — Thom Meredith, Kley, Inc.


Let's start the process

I can help where you are in the process.

If we're at the beginning of the project, when you're starting to get a sense that this page component will be an important part of the design. At this point, you need to validate assumptions, you need to know what will be needed from the client for the page component to work with the information the client will provide, and you need to know if I'll be available for the whole project.

45 min, $200 USD
I’ll send an invoice after the call

I’ll make the call worth your time. You’ll leave with:

  • Ideas about possible approaches.
  • Some ideas on how the data structure could be put together and how to plan the back-end.
  • A sense on whether we would be a good fit working together.
  • An idea of my availability and some of the next steps.

A (Custom Component) Wireframe Designer

We’re in the middle of the project and you’re shaping up the design with the client and now you’re at the wireframe or prototype stage. At this point, you need someone to detail out some of the variations for the component to help the client prepare the data and to get excited about visualizing the component on their new site. Reach out to see if I can take on the wireframes or a prototype.


We’re later in the project, when the design is more shaped up, maybe even finalized, and you have samples of the type of information the page component will handle. At this point, you need someone to code up the component, make it work beautifully, and ship it in time. Maybe another project is taking longer and you no longer have a helping hand to finish the project. Reach out to see if I have the ability to help. I also know other people who can help if I’m not available.